Dohm's Water Taxi  


The Service

Dohm's Water Taxi doesn't leave a specific dock at a set hour. It leaves the dock of your choice at the time you choose and takes you exactly where you want to go. Operating like a land taxi, Dohm's Water Taxi will take you anywhere at any time (Some Reservations Required due to Availability).

Dohm's Water Taxi operates inter-island. You can take it to any of the U.S. or British Virgin Islands, including Virgin Gorda, Peter Island, Tortola, St. John, St. Thomas, Bitter End Yacht Club, West End and Little Dix Bay.

You can also charter the boat for an entire day and choose multiple destinations for a beautiful site seeing snorkel tour of the Virgin Islands.

If you travel with us, you travel in comfort, in one of three custom-built wave piercing catamaran powerboats built by Gold Coast Yachts of St. Croix. Don't forget we can arrange Land Taxi Transportation for you between the boats and the airport!


The Boats

We realized back in the '80s that catamaran motorboats would be the ideal boat to guarantee the kind of service and comfortable ride best suited for charters.

The Wave Piercers are such a radically different boat. The bow is narrow and not as high as is typical of smaller catamarans. It goes underwater, cutting through the waves. The boats were designed to emphasize comfort, leisure and speed for the customers.
Dohm's Water Taxi History

Peter Dohm did boat repairs and had a sailboat and was Red Hook's first marina in 1949. So when people needed to go, he'd sail them over to St. John. It wasn't a very fast ride, but he got them there. That was the beginning of our business.

In the 1950's & 60's came the power boats and with that the need to take people at all times of the day or night. We became known as the answer to the ferry that at that time only ran twice a day and so when people missed the ferry Dohm's Water Taxi was your answer.

Today as in the past we offer a quick and easy way to get from one island to another anytime of the day or night.

Dohm's Water Taxi prides itself the excellent service it provides, being on time and doing exactly what the customer requests, getting great feedback and lots of repeat customers.